December 12 2019

Bye, bye Bootstrap?!

After hours trying to make Bootstrap navbar look good, I went on devRant.

Lots of the guys on there advised me to avoid Bootstrap with a bargepole, advising to stick with CSS and only using Bootstrap for the course. A lot of them were surprised that the instuctor (Colt Steele) even suggested learning 3.7.7 and then later version 4.

Another guy on Dev did say the same as Colt, that lots of companies do use Bootstrap 3 or 4, so knowing it isn't a bad idea. However, maybe it is best to avoid it for my own site here. At least until I need some form of Javascript functionality.

December 11 2019

A tatse of Bootstrap

Finally got through the CSS.

Whoohoo, we are finally through the CSS materials and onto Bootstrap. I am determined to have this done this week and get started on Javascript ASAP. I have also signed up to some developer social media sites and finally got myself logged back into my old LinkedIn.

December 01 2019

Some basic CSS.

I finally go started with CSS.

I have just had my first few lessons on CSS. I am not progressing through the course material as fast as I would like, due to work and life in general. Still, I am really enjoying things. Let's see if I can keep the enthusiasm up when I get to Javascript.

November 25 2019

This is my first post.

I am just getting started with coding.

Not really exciting to look at, but I am pretty happy with how things are going with the Web Development Boot Camp course I am taking on Udemy. The instructor is Colt Steele.

The course has a good mix of instruction, guided practice and free practice. I did want to take things a little further and try to make my own website already. So, here goes.

I have started this webpage as a place to;

  1. revise what I learn
  2. slowly build a portfolio
  3. and
  4. blog about my experiences as a newbie web developer

I have just finished studying HTML5 and will shortly begin learning CSS.